‘B. I. T. U.’ is Caspian Pool’s playful and futuristic new single

Making their appearance for the second time here at Unrecorded, Capsian Pool transport us once again to new plains of imagination in ‘B. I. T. U.’. Working closely with French producer Julien Galner (Chateau Marmont, Exotica) on the playful new single, Low Bird and Jimmy Q have put their focus on simple-yet-effective production. As a result, we can hear each individual element with isolated clarity; that bass be bumping, those synth keys are light and fun, the percussion is well-paced and danceable.

The robotic and echoed vocal effects on Low Birds’ distinct vocal propel our minds further into the universe, pulling us further away from gravity with that futuristic siren song.

“Back Into The Universe is an ode to our space fantasy, going back to where we come from, a real thirst for universality. I’ve always been fascinated about space walks, the origins of the matter that makes us…and ultimately time travel. Diving into the unknown, outside of gravity…nothing is more thrilling than the thought of this unleashed and uncontrolled freedom!“, proudly says the duo of their new song.

Check out ‘B. I. T. U.’ below in the video directed by Jun Suzuki.

Photo credit: Pierre Bdn

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