Hongza shares his lofi bedroom-pop version of Harry Styles’ ‘Cherry’

‘Tis the season for festive fun and cover songs. There’s something about the colder weather and cinnamon-spiced food that has us returning to our old (or perhaps to newer) favourite. The same goes for musicians who can’t help but spread the winter joy with their own versions of well-worn listens.

One such artist is Hongza who has given Harry Styles‘ landmark 2019 single ‘Cherry’ his own remake, completed with an outdoorsy music video. The cover song completes Hongza‘s trio of lofi bedroom-pop productions, with this one tipping a hat towards garage-rock with those raw guitars.

Here the British-Vietnamese Londoner shares why ‘Cherry’ is such a special song to him:

“Harry Styles holds a deer place in my heart, he is my fashion & musical icon. I wanted to do
his track justice by creating a coming of age movie dream-pop ballad to cry to. I love that he defies
gender norms by wearing what the average ‘man’ wouldn’t. I chose Cherry out of all tracks because I remember first time listening to it and thinking that it’s so emo!”

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