Listen to Besomorph X Behmer’s cover of Linkin Park’s ‘What I’ve Done’ ft. vocals from Lunis

Back with a bang, DJ and producer Besomorph drops his latest bass-heavy banger, created alongside Behmer, the two electronic music powerhouses flipped the script on Linkin Park’s iconic rock song ‘What I’ve Done’, featuring a stunning vocal performance from Lunis.

Known for combining dark melodicism with heavy electronic music, Besomorph has established himself as a recognizable name in the bass music industry. His previous single, ‘DNGRS‘ quickly caught the attention of fans and earned the German-based musician over 300 million streams on Spotify alone! Now, with the help of 18 year-old Bounce music master, Behmer (Supernova, Clowntown 2017 and The Fire), the pair hope to recreate their individual successes and grab another smash hit.


‘What I’ve Done’ exemplifies Besomorph’s love of dark and striking dance-floor beats. By taking the original, rather depressing rock track by Linkin Park and dismantling it piece by piece and putting it all back together again, Besomorph and Behmer have created a wholly unique, fist-pump worthy, electronic banger that wouldn’t be out of place on the main stage of an Ibiza nightclub. Behmer’s penchant for ‘bouncy’ beats characterised by synthetic drum patterns and piercing synth lines also shines through on the track, laying down the infectious bassline for Lunis’ vocals to lay over.

Lunis, who has previously worked with Besomorph on the singles ‘Zombie’, ‘Apologize’ and ‘Death Bed’, sweetly serenades the instrumental with her delicate, hazy voice. As the first sound to be heard on the record, she introduces ‘What I’ve Done’, setting the tone of the song, quickly followed by deep, synth bassline that immediately let the listener know that this isn’t like any cover they’ve heard before.

With a powerful, belting chorus, thought-provoking lyricism and a radically transformed instrumental with tonnes of danceability and drama, Besomorph, Behmer and Lunis’ cover of ‘What I’ve Done’ is an unmissable offering from the talented trio.

Stream ‘What I’ve Done’ here:


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