Leeds native Lucas Watt unveils his latest indie-pop offering, ‘Fake ID’

Leeds native and multi-hyphenated, upcoming singer/songwriter/producer Lucas Watt unveils his latest, indie-pop offering, ‘Fake ID’. Driven by a dynamic beat and electric guitars, the record is layered with scintillating melodies which ascend into an infectious chorus. ‘Fake ID’ depicts a story that is both personal and relatable, transporting listeners to the nights out of their adolescence with a much needed dose of uplifting indie-pop. 

Speaking on the message and inspiration behind his newest single, the young talent explains:

“‘Fake ID’ tells the story of an adolescent who feels abandoned and invisible to both their parents and other people. They use a fake ID as an escape from who they are, to live the life of someone else. The lyrics reference them trying to surround themselves with people who may finally accept them or make them feel like they belong. However, on the surface, this song relates to most people’s rebellious teen years using fake ID’s to sneak into nightclubs. I’m accompanying the release of ‘Fake ID’ by dropping a new merch line titled after the new single. All the merch is limited run and is handmade and printed to order.”

This new level of vulnerability and introspective songwriting from the young artist highlights his unique magnetism and a maturity far beyond his years, ‘Fake ID’ ushers us in to view of another side of Lucas Watt. Drenched in impactful live drum beats, enchanting guitar chords & impassioned longing vocals, ‘Fake ID’ is the vibrant and relatable soundtrack for coming of age.

Listen to Lucas Watt – Fake ID


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