On the Record: Galactic Dust speak on life as band and the making of their new single ‘The Pizza Song’

Galactic Dust, are the new kids on the block making a name for themselves in the world of indie and electronic pop. The eclectic sounds of Noam, Alfie, Mattia are the meeting point between classic, soulful vocals, french-touch beats, disco bass riffs and effervescent guitar grooves.

Today, we sit down with Galactic Dust to discuss all things music and pizza….

Galactic Dust photographed by Rafail Kordelas

Your band name Galactic Dust comes from that ‘sparkly’ sound and feel your music gives off, what else do you hope fans and listeners feel when they listen to your music?

With ‘The Pizza Song’ we were hoping to channel an uplifting energy and make people feel empowered, free, sexy and funny. This song and video convey a unique sassy and unapologetic attitude. It shamelessly expresses the desire to melt humour and fashion without taking ourselves too seriously . We hope the song inspires people to embrace their true personalities and express themselves more freely and authentically.

You’re an independent DIY band that creates most of their music in-house, what’s the creative process like from getting an idea for a song to the final mixing and mastering it? What roles do you all play?

Noam and Alfie usually write and record demos together. It can start with a chord progression, a beat, a melodic line or a lyric idea. Once the demo is done, Mattia brings in his bass suggestions, in order to perfect the song. We spend a lot of time listening to these demos before recording, to make sure the parts are working and the song progresses well. The mix is done by Alfie, with Mattia and Noam’s feedback and thoughts. That’s how the Galactic Dust songs are created!

Whose idea was it to put the band together & did you all want to pursue music from a young age?

We all wanted to play music since we were kids. Alfie and Mattia were in a few bands together since age 11 and Noam always loved performing from a young age. When Noam and Alfie met for a jam one day, Mattia joined them on the bass and that was the first time we ever played together. The band was born shortly after in 2018, under Noam and Alfie’s impulsion. We’re all able to work different jobs but music is the one we would rather do before any other.

How would you describe your sound as a band?

Our sound is a true blend of our individual musical tastes and upbringings. Falling under the indie pop umbrella we mix electronic synth-pop sounds with R&B, soulful melodies, funky basslines and hip-hop inspired rhythms. Our sonic is sparkly and vibrant, it holds both a sense of nostalgia and futuristic spacey identity. Galactic, atmospheric and rich, we feel that we create a sound that is truly and exclusively ours.

What was the inspiration behind The Pizza Song and video?

For the video, we tried to create something unique and visually powerful, using all of our creativity and skills. We got inspired by a lot of 60’s/70’s aesthetics and tried to make the video look like it was shot in the 90’s. Kind of like a double throwback to these two eras which both deeply changed the way music is created. The song itself also is inspired by these periods. The funky guitars and synths bring that 70’s feel, but the beat and melody are more inspired by 90’s RnB and soul, which we all grew up listening to.

Galactic Dust – The Pizza Song. Official Music Video.

Did the song evolve much from the original idea/demo to the final product?

‘The Pizza Song’ didn’t change much from the demo to the song itself. It was a very smooth one to write, the melody and structure came naturally, after a day of writing in our home studio. After that, it was a matter of creating a nice arrangement for it, using sounds and harmonies that would embellish the final product.

What are some of the highlights of your career as a band so far?

The first jam we had together, the first gig we played as a band in April 2019, the first single we released (DiscoDust) and even the last gig we got to play before the first Lockdown in March 2020, at Paperdress Vintage, those are some of the best moments we shared together. However making and releasing the music video for The Pizza Song was definitely one of our biggest achievements as a band. We were really proud to create a fun and catchy song, with a video that was perfectly illustrating the idea behind it.

Do you have any dream collaborations (dead or alive)?

We would love to collaborate with artists that are not necessarily musicians. Get dancers, photographers, fashion designers, film makers or painters to work with us, create some visual content to illustrate and complete our sound. Wes Anderson, Tim Walker, Kim Chapiron, or Pierre et Gilles are artists whose visual universe really inspired us.

Lead singer Noam photographed by Chantal Vaccarini

What are some of the challenges of your career as a band so far? 

As an indie band in 2021, it is hard to get our music out there, face judgement and failure. It is also difficult to consolidate our band life with our lives as individuals, like having to do all the things that come with living in London whilst being in your twenties. However, the pleasure we get from making music makes up for the obstacles and difficulties we face everyday, and gives us the impression of already having won the game of life.

What changes would you like to see in the music industry?

The music industry should be easier to access for more people. We would love to see more bands with girls, and female fronted. We also feel like the way music is consumed nowadays pushes artists to make shorter and more efficient songs, rather that developing ideas and going deep into designing interesting sonics and developing feelings throughout the music. Most songs now have to start fast, be easy to listen to, catchy and entertaining, which is fine, but there should be more space out there for experimenting and creating unique soulful pieces of music.

Lastly, what can fans be expecting from Galactic Dust in the future?

We are always working on new music and getting new releases ready. We will be announcing our next moves on our social media accounts.


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