Shoegazers Palma Louca reflect on our ‘Stationary Life’

Palma Louca storm into 2021 with optimistic new single ‘Stationary Life’. The title is a phrase that resonates with much our our day-to-day lives over the past year; we’ve all been trapped in stasis, unable to move forwards, or even backwards for that matter, while we wait to be resurrected back into some state of normalcy. However, this raucous new single doesn’t simply hold up a mirror to the present day, it can also be applied to the world we found ourselves in long before covid-19 was even a whisper on the wind.

As the guitarist and singer of Palma Louca shares: “[Stationary Life] was inspired as a general comment on the way our society is constructed; the title of the song alludes to a lack of meaning in many peoples’ day-to-day lives that stems from the way modern society operates. This theme is reflected through the songwriting, as the narrative isn’t overly focused – instead being more relaxed and loose – structurally speaking. In this way, the first verse addresses the listener directly whilst the second verse highlights some examples of superficial ideals.”

Combining elements of ethereal shoegaze and alternative rock songwriting, we can get a sense of the tension in modern society. The high octane style makes us feel like we’re spinning on the axis of a world in chaos, and yet Palma Louca are undoubtedly very much in control of each instrument as they ride the wave together through many crescendos and riffs.

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