Alex Frew’s ‘Something To Hold Onto’ is a conceptual, electro-pop masterpiece

Toronto-based emerging act Alex Frew is back with his captivating new single and video for the emotive and highly conceptual, ‘Something To Hold Onto’. The release of the track follows on from  ‘Get Out Alive’ and ‘Antisocial Love Song’, as well as Frew’s mesmerizing cover of Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight”.

Alex Frew – Something To Hold Onto

Introduced by haunting echoes, eerie synth lines and syncopated beats, the production in ‘Something To Hold Onto’ is a standout feature, creating the intense, dark and dazzling backdrop for Frew’s sincere and disarmingly candid lyrics. A demonstration of expert songwriting, Frew gently and considerately details the inescapable pull of addiction and the deep sorrow and uncertainty brought on by depression and other mental health issues. Writing from the vantage point of the vice rather the person, Alex Frew manages to capture a unique perspective in ‘Something To Hold Onto’. The stunning music video also closes with a series of helpline numbers from around the world to further promote mental health awareness.

Speaking on the message behind his latest single, Alex Frew shares:

“This is a viewpoint that I have always wanted to explore in my songwriting, it’s asking: ‘If my addictions had the ability to speak, what would they say?’ This song is a way in which I can navigate that perspective.”

Listen to Alex Frew – Something To Hold Onto


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