WHARF are back with dazzling, romantic indie-rock single, ‘Compatible’

London-based, four-piece band Wharf make a glorious return to music this week with the release of their first single of the year, ‘Compatible‘. Penned by frontman Liam Stone, the track emanates all the energy and unbridled joy of newfound love; a dazzling indie gem with alt-rock influences, ‘Compatible‘ exhibits the best musical qualities of lead guitarist Jordan Heather, drummer Louis Cowling and bassist Calum Lockie.


Characterised by ear-catching, dynamic electric guitar chords and impactful percussion, the live instrumentation in ‘Compatible’ creates the perfect, cheerful 80s inspired backdrop for the Liam Stone’s romantic, feel-good lyrics. Taking relatable experiences and turning them into sing-along sensations is what Wharf does best and ‘Compatible‘ is certainly of no exception.

Speaking on the message and inspiration behind the song, lead singer Liam shares:

 “At the time of writing Compatible I found myself alone in my room – just reflecting on where I was at in my life, and for the first time in a while I felt really good. I had recently gotten into a relationship where I felt like I’d finally met someone I really enjoy being with, so it got me wanting to write about it. I kept coming back to the lyric ‘I want to be so compatible’ – it really reflected how I was feeling. So, I based the song around that lyric and went from there. Usually I then take these demos to the boys and they add their flair and style to it; they always just elevate and compliment the original ideas I lay down.”

Liam Stone. WHARF

Driven by a spirited guitar riffs and heady percussion, ‘Compatible‘ is stacked with sing-along melodies which ascend into an infectious, crescendo of an indie-rock chorus, a strong start to 2021 for Wharf and a clear indication of growth since their last self-titled project.

Listen to Wharf – Compatible


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