Introducing alt-folk musician Francis with ‘Postcards’ featuring Jolé

Shortly following the new year, London singer, songwriter and musician Francis announced his fresh project that will showcase a series of heartfelt collaborative recordings. We’re right at the beginning of this ambitious mission with ‘Postcards’, a tender alternative track that that weaves together elements of folk, indie-pop, singer-songwriter and even electronica. Featuring on the track is a name well-known to the pages of Unrecorded, Jolé, who brings his signature vocal to track.

Together, these two UK musicians create a warm and inviting environment into we we can’t help but want to be a part of. The gentle sways, the intelligent production and the delightful melody take us on a nostalgia trip. As you may gather from the song’s lyrics and from the title ‘Postcards’, this track is all about distance and connection, especially when it concerns the ones near-and-dear to our hearts. If that isn’t relevant to 2021, then we don’t know what is!

You can stream Francis‘ debut track ‘Postcards’ right here.

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