Jared Harper returns to music with indie-rock belter, ‘About You’

Jared Harper makes a rocking return to music after a two-year hiatus with his anthem-worthy belter ‘About You’. The single cradles listeners, lulling us into the distorted guitar vibrato. Rocking to a catchy riff that marks the return of western-feel old-soul, Jared

Harper’s refined vocals slice through the melodic riff of the guitar and warms us from the back of the neck to our ears, it’s a shot of oaky bourbon on a cold winter’s night. The young singer’s homely, alternative style can be likened to that of Alex Turner, reminiscent of his soft sounding yet deeply melodic vocal style. 

Proving to be a worthy staple firmly rooted in any indie/rock/alternative record stack, Harper’s music evokes a sense of longing with a mature, wise and poetically charged book of lyrics. It’s clear from the earthy tones in Jared’s voice that ‘About You’ is coming from the heart in these times, when everybody is hurting from missing somebody. 

‘About You’ is a powerful indie-rock anthem. A must-repeat track that Harper’s impressively wide vocal range will have you belting out along with him and feeling damn good about it. The alternative rock prodigy is back and ready to boom from the car radio like you’re in a grainy motion-picture, on every long drive, M6 or interstate. 

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