With What Eyes’ haunting new single ‘Heavy Humans’ is second release on their upcoming debut EP

Dream-pop duo With What Eyes express concerns about people and society in a digital age in their new single ‘Heavy Humans’. Full-bodied vocals entwine with high-pitched harmonies to create a haunting air from these folktronica friends.

The refrain “there are many heavy humans in this room” evokes a stir of the soul, suspending the listener in a pensive vacuum. We’re hypnotised by the lyrics and eclectic sound. The creatives exhibit a distinctive signature contrasting airy, dream-like vocals with the heavy subject matter and drum beat, that complements the track’s theme flawlessly.

The London-based pair call upon other UK acts such as Portishead and Massive Attack with their captivating vocals and other-worldly charm. The atmosphere in the song chimes with the band’s last single ‘Snake’ that made an impression on BBC Radio London with Robert Elms.

Spookily, the track evokes a concern that we’re enslaved by tech in the digital age. We are people who are constantly plugged in. The single carries an implicit air that it’s possible to choose to subvert the dominant influence of social media for a ‘lighter’ life. The ever-present harmonies on the new track are a fitting reflection of a world digitally connected. 

Ethereal in their sound, With What Eyes set out to release an EP dealing with the pressures on humans to shackle down to a weighty existence; letting the devices we own, own us. 

‘Heavy Humans’ is the second addition to the band’s upcoming EP, We Played Snake Till Snake Played God.  

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