Grant Nesmith’s latest album, Dreams of the Coast, explores “cosmic American surf music.”

Dreams of the Coast is the sun on your neck, the breeze through your hair and your surfboard gliding through the waves as the jaunty guitar washes over you. Grant Nesmith’s second album is the escape we’ve been hoping for. 

The artist adopts a clear influence from the Beatles, echoed amongst up-beat riffs and lofty harmonies. I’d be tempted to suggest that lovers of Madness will enjoy a listen, with tracks such as ‘Kaleidoscope’ featuring a welcome hint of ska. The transatlantic mix of inspiration gives the work a strong replay factor for listeners on any side of the water. 

‘Never Die’ showcases some classic-rock shredding as a colourful display of the singer-songwriter’s repertoire. ‘Untitled’ and ‘Haunt‘ are heavier on the drum and electric guitar too, showing us the darker, more folk-rock side of the coast. Nesmith‘s wholesome notes flow beautifully with the moshy nature of these heavier tracks, attentively complementing the album’s delivery. 

Charged with sparks of summer, the creative’s lyrics exude nostalgia and rocking out in the sun. Calling upon friends to feature on the album adds an eclectic mix of instruments and is the perfect production to echo the album’s atmosphere of being so grateful, so present and so psychedelic.

The composition truly does embody the moon swaying the tide with Grant Nesmith‘s powerful yet dainty chords swimming through the tracks. Dreams of the Coast is a holistic album that is undoubtedly good for the soul. 

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