Jack Hinks’ mesmerising ‘Plastercast’ is second release in series exploring grief

Jack Hinks’ exploration of the five stages of grief turns its attention to anger in ‘Plastercast’

The song exudes a spooky fairytale ambience that entices us in, you can almost hear the song with a crackling campfire backdrop. Hinks’ bass-rich vocals feel inspired by Alt-J’s soulful low frequencies and lull the listener into a mesmerising haze. 

‘Plastercast’s surreal video by Blank Page Digital art carries a dark, folk feel. The unique animation lends an extra dimension to the ghostly tune finessing the reflection of the stages of grief. The extraordinary focus of the uncanny featured in the video reminds us of the stunning visuals of the likes of The Chemical Brothers, who also delve into an eerie yet interesting audio-visual experience. 

Fiona Liddell features on the track adding a dark and delicate Yin to the Yang of Hinks’ voice, that entwines in a flawless duality. The contrast between lightly plucked acoustic notes on guitar and breaking through into the heavy electric guitar and drums complements the theme’s track of anger in grief. 

The Scottish artist’s first song in this series exploring the stages of grief was ‘Jigsaw’ and interestingly focused on acceptance. By subverting the commonly known order of the five stages of grief, Jack adds another layer to his deeply conceptual exploration of the stages by reflecting the meandering flow of this concept. 

Both ‘Jigsaw’ and ‘Plastercast’ exhibit a range of clean riffs, guitar and a broad vocal range lovingly sealed with the creative’s unique melody and string-work. This artist clearly holds a multi-dimensional talent and psychological fascination that makes his work so exciting.

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