Quote Club: Cardinal Moses and Mild Wild drop hot indie-electronic banger ‘Useless’

Cardinal Moses and Mild Wild’s funky electro tune ‘Useless’ is a collab from indie-electro heaven. 

The banger screams Hot Chip with the up-beat tempo and sarcastic lyrics flowing with an 8-bit style synth. The funky 70s inspired drum intermittently punching a catchy tune bounces flawlessly off Mild Wild’s pseudo-high-brow lyrics. The track clearly communicates apathy facing the blissfully ignorant, who always seem to come out on top, yet its light-hearted and witty delivery makes it all so relatable and at this point the duo make us laugh and smile through our gritted teeth. 

The artists on their creative process: 

“I think I came up with the basic structure for the chorus in the car one day, born out of frustration at politics in general and more specifically the 24-hour news cycle. Once I had those ideas and melodies I began producing a demo, and the lo-fi vibe of the instrumental verse gave me the idea to get Mild Wild involved. I imagined something along the lines of their song “Alright Okay” so I emailed the demo track over and basically said “do whatever you want.” I had high expectations, but Mr. Mild’s performance still managed to exceed them! I didn’t want it to feel too angry or preachy overall and I’m happy with the balance we struck. Cardinal Moses

“I feel like I just let my brain rest and let the lyrics come out unfiltered. I normally try not to be quite as blunt, and moving forward I’m sure I will shy away from writing so plainly. However for this song it felt right to let go of some displeasure, and after it was out I felt a certain calm. Not that our current world is better, it certainly isn’t, but I got a few words in and that was nice. Hopefully the listener can find a little moment of comradery in the track.Mild Wild

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