New Zealand’s power pop duo Foley make a return with ‘Anything Before You’ taken from their new EP

Back with another banger, New Zealand power pop duo, Foley make a welcomed return with the release of their latest single, ‘Anything Before You’ taken from their 5-track EP, Vacation out today. After gaining a staggering amount of support in their home country, Foley have seen their recent releases reach worldwide status, with tracks such as Talk About Itand Can’t Help The Wayracking up over a million streams each respectively. 

Hoping to replicate their previous successes again, Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett offer out ‘Anything Before You’, a joyous and upbeat pop number all about the light, love and colour that new love can breathe back into your life.

Boasting an impressive groove, the catchy, summery vibe of ‘Anything Before You’ will have the tune swirling around your head long after the last note. With Ash’s soaring vocals to guide the track, her sunny, lovestruck lyrics float above the dreamy, subdued bridge, allowing for a moment of pause before the funk-laden rhythm picks back up again and takes the melody on a kaleidoscopic joyride.

“Anything Before You was a chance to check ourselves and affirm what we were both feeling – that it’s OK to feel overwhelmed by your emotions and feel like your life has been reorientated with someone else. As much as there’s power in being confident by yourself, there’s definitely power in accepting someone else and it’s reassuring to embrace that new reality for no reason other than the fact it makes you feel good.”

Listen to Foley – Anything Before You


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