Rivita’s latest release ‘Lonely with Someone’ is the power-pop catharsis we all need

Rivita’s ‘Lonely with Someone’ is a soul-stirring anthem confronting the pain of ambiguous loss. The alt-pop singer rises from the ashes in this expertly produced, Adele-esque track. 

The artist says of her new release: 

“While growing up I watched someone get lost in the sea of addiction. As I got older, I realized just how common addiction is across the globe and how well it is masked sometimes. It has caused me pain and it felt like I had no right to feel this way because I was not the one with the disease. I wanted to find a way to release my feelings without the consequence of being told to get over it or to stop thinking about it. This is the only way I thought I’d ever be able to fully express myself, through this song”.

Produced and mixed by Rivita herself, the tune showcases the multitude of her musical talent and intuition. The track floats around the genres and takes inspiration from pop, rock and alternative music to create this incredible fusion of harmonic melodies; It features classic-rock guitars by Luke Stamenkovich and deep bass by Angus Campbell.

Having moved from India to Los Angeles, this singer’s music has travelled the airwaves across the water and has been featured on BBC London and Rolling Stone, India. It’s clear the creative had a striking vision for this cathartic track and the execution of that vision is absolutely beautiful. 

If you love power-pop and emotionally provocative sounds, Rivita is one-hundred-percent for you. 

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