Sarah Connolly takes on a new direction in latest single, ‘Wishing Bone’

Newly signed to Pillar Artists, Newcastle-based singer-songwriter Sarah Connolly returns with her latest, indie-rock inspired heartbreak single, ‘Wishing Bone’.

Having recently acquired  a small band to support her music, Sarah has effortlessly transitioned from being an acoustic, solo singer to embracing a more full-bodied, electric, alternative pop sound proving the young songstress to have a musical agility far beyond her years.

Inspired by strong, female vocalists such as Norah Jones, Lianne La Havas and Lucy Rose, Sarah’s songwriting therefore simultaneously exudes both an undeniable strength and an endearing vulnerability, ‘Wishing Bone’ stands as a perfect example of this.

Introduced by a simple chord progression and gentle keys, Sarah Connolly’s unique, high-pitched vocals lead the track and ease the listener into an intimate, indie ballad-like chorus as Sarah gently narrates the all-too-familiar feeling of still being hooked on someone you shouldn’t be, knowing better yet doing worse.

Speaking on her single, Sarah Connolly reveals:

“There’s no dodging the fact it’s about being hooked on an ex, no matter how perfect and well-suited new relationships are. I’m describing the feeling of being stuck in a rut and being your own worst enemy in finding love and happiness -knowing that’s the case but swimming against the tide regardless.”

Sarah Connolly

Listen to Sarah Connolly – Wishing Bone


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