John Murry shares alt-Americana single ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You)’

Y’all know we love music that’s left-of-centre here at Unrecorded. Stick indie or alternative before a genre and no doubt we’ll be giving it a spin. One sub-genre that doesn’t get enough light on the blog is alternative Americana and so we were stoked when John Murry‘s new single ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You)’ made it’s way into our inbox. Out today, the song is an epic poem in the shape of Walt Whitman meets Charles Bukowski, although if you’ve ever come across Murry before, you’ll know that this is incredibly true to his own style.

As he sings in that distinctive Southern American tone, “Tell me: what immortal hand or eye / Is gonna give a damn enough to cry / When every day is like huffing lighter fluid / Take me to Reading Gaol with Oscar Wilde / I’ll get used to it. / Lock me up in Clerkenwell prison / I’ll blow a hole right through it.”

It’s a hard hitting piece of songwriting that derives inspiration from some of life’s darkest moments, but as we can see from the music video, this doesn’t mean Murry takes himself too seriously. Directed by Irish actor Aiden Gillen (who you may know from The Wire, Game of Throne or Peaky Blinders), the visuals are obscure and avant-garde, making space for the watcher to figure out the meaning behind it all for themselves.

Evidently, the video for ‘Oscar Wilde (Came Here To Make Fun Of You)’ was a meeting of two slightly odd, yet playful, minds.

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