Warren Thomas Fenzi reflects on the conflict of inner truth vs self doubt in his new single ‘If I Had a Dime’

Warren Thomas Fenzi’s new introspective indie release ‘If I Had a Dime’ is an honest account of the awkward tribulations that come with falling out with those closest to us. An intimate look inside the mind of the talented singer-songwriter. 

A jaunty surf-guitar rhythm is paired with melancholy, confessional lyrics that reflect the ruminating circles of the human mind when trying to meet in the middle; subconsciously aware of the philosophy that the answer just becomes another ambiguous question. 

Fenzi’s vocals are melodic with a drop of the heartfelt blues, comparable to the style of Richard Ashcroft whose vocals have famously added a unique shot of anthemic soul to The Verve’s greatest hits. The organ on this new single adds an interesting, playful spin on the classic band layout and adds a fresh edge to the tune. 

The pensive song channels an internal conflict as the drums and guitars bounce together, entwining effortlessly. The song and lyrics are rocking slowly back and forth between sorrow and resilience in a relatable metronome, mirroring the process both in the mind and in the heart. 

The self-publishing creative has caught the eye of such music press as: Where The Music Meets, We Love That Sound, City Pages, The Northeaster and Wake Magazine; A testament to the independent musician’s soaring popularity and ever-growing following. Warren’s certainly made an impression as a true one to watch. 

‘If I Had a Dime’ is the pondering and brilliant first release from Warren Thomas Fenzi’s upcoming dual-album ‘Garden Street’.

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