ELUNIA’s new track ‘Soak’ delivers sailing alt-pop and ethereal vocals

‘Soak’ is a triumphant alternative pop recording that presents the New Hampshire artist ELUNIA as a confident and creative new artist on the scene. He vocals are the driving force of the whole single and joining the resplendent tone of her voice is an eccentric pattern of ticking electronica and sweeping synths.

Discussing the single ELUNIA explains:

“Soak came about in the morning after a concert, just as the euphoria was fading. I had felt so alone for so long while struggling with anxiety and isolation caused by bullying and exclusion over the years, and I suddenly felt like someone had injected life into me. I had discovered this secret, special world of music that only I could know, only I could experience where I felt like I actually existed and mattered. It was a world that gave me highs without chemicals, while others felt like they needed substances and destructive habits to achieve that same feeling. I would desperately hold onto those moments and make them last as long as possible, and though that helped me cope, there was a part of me that knew I was idealizing the people I encountered and the experiences I had. I wrote Soak as a way to preserve those moments trying to hold onto positive memories before they slipped away and reality flooded back in.”

She also told us that the unique sound of ‘Soak’ was the product of an interesting idea whereby she replaced the original chords with the chord progression we now hear as well as altering some of the synths. You can check out the final result in full below.

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