Hotel Decor releases cosmic indie-pop single ‘All The Rage’

Introducing you to something special at the top of the week that will hopefully set the tone for the next few days for you. Hotel Decor is the dream-pop project of Canadian artist Csaba Laszlo who previously spent the last few years making music under the name NVY. Now, Laszlo is swerving his sound into the cosmic, lo-fi and DIY realm of drifting indie-pop.

The newest Hotel Decor single is ‘All The Rage’, an obscure recording that uses a sweet bass line, disembodied percussion and eerie synths to create this über mellow soundscape.

Speaking about the track, Casba Laszlo tells us:

“I had the instrumental for this track just sitting on my hard drive for almost a year and originally the track wasn’t even supposed to have my vocals on it. I had previously written a version with vocals which I demoed for some people at this west Canadian music event in the Yukon back in 2019, but I ended up scrapping that version because I felt like my writing and confidence with vocals was more developed since the previous time I visited the track. Stylistically I wanted to make something definitely pretty wonky and catchy. The theme of the song kind of came about subconsciously. I ended up free styling a lot of the vocals and just going with the flow of whatever was coming out while I was tracking. I think I must have been feeling pretty boxed in and kind of bored with my circumstances as that’s what the song ended up being about.”

That sense of lethargy with life and disconnection from one’s aspirations is an experience that many of us will happen upon in our lifetime, but what Hotel Decor proves is that from boredom can spring re-energized creativity. Listen to ‘All The Rage’ below.

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