Kavanagh’s ‘Citizen 202’ is an anti-patriotic rock anthem

Hailing from South East England, youthful quintet Kavanagh are stepping into the ring with the pantheon of British bands hoping, like so many who came before, to make their mark. With a handful of tracks released between 2017 and now, it’s their newest single ‘Citizen 202’ that holds the most promise. This ode to anti-patriotism blends ’90s indie nostalgia with contemporary alt-rock in a thoroughly rebellious fashion.

“Citizen 202 is about escaping the idiosyncrasies of humanity and being a member of the universe instead, simply a part of creation. more than a human”, the band succinctly explains.

Recorded at Far Heath Studios with Angus Wallace of The Prodigy and Sex Pistols acclaim, and esteemed producer Mike Bennett, whose credits include The Specials, Ian Brown, The Fall and Fat White Family. It’s rapid, it’s explosive, it’s also somehow welcoming, and for all those reasons we’re giving ‘Citizen 202’ a massive thumbs up.

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