Listen to Sarpa Salpa’s sophomore EP, A Feeling You Can’t Replace

If Tame Impala, Broken Bells or Friendly Fires are in your regular listening repertoire, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to enjoy the sounds of Sarpa Salpa, aka Marcus Marooth (vocals), George Neath (guitar), Ethan Whitby (bass), Charlie Doe (drums) and Meg Amirghiasvand (synths). Like everyone in the music industry, the Northampton quintet were cut off from being able to play live shows, so they stuck their heads down and began recording instead. One pandemic later and their six-track EP, A Feeling You Can’t Replace, was born!

The title of the EP is a lyric taken from track four, ‘As Good as It Gets’. Guitarist, George Neath goes on to say:

“The title ‘A Feeling You Can’t Replace’ sums up how we were feeling when writing this EP. We miss live music and the ability to interact with both our fans and other musicians. We are so grateful that we were able to write over the Internet but it cannot replace the feeling of performing live music together, we feel like many can relate to this at the moment.”

One of the newest additions to the EP is ‘Ghost’, a synth-heavy pop-punk banger that’s all about the game of love.

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