Listen to Rory Gillanders’ latest existential alt-rock single, ‘Eye of a Hurricane’

Dublin-based musician Rory Gillanders returns today with his latest, existential dread inspired alt-rock single, ‘Eye of a Hurricane’, an uber relatable, “what am I doing with my life?” anthem that many fans and listeners will resonate with. This release marks the first new single from Gillanders since his EP, Waiting dropped back in 2018 and ushers in an existing new era for the young singer-songwriter;  ‘Eye of a Hurricane’ is set to be the first of many releases in 2021 for him, as he looks to build on the momentum he’s created in his first three years as an emerging artist.

Inspired by artists such as Bob Dylan, Noel Gallagher and Ryan Adams, Rory Gillanders’ music is hard-hitting, often broaching sensitive or seldom spoken of topics with an endearing curiosity and grace. Candid and sincere, Gillanders maintains a modern, alternative sound in his acoustic led tracks with songs that are heartfelt, tackling his mental health and the anxiety he’s faced growing up.

”The song came to me in a dream. I was looking down at a hurricane causing all this destruction but I felt calm. I woke up and thought, there’s gotta be an idea for a song in this. I guess this song is about hope and trying to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles life throws at you”.

Introduced by Gillanders’ famed, solo acoustic style, ‘Eye of a Hurricane’ then carries through into a slick, rock ‘n’ roll twang and rich, full band sound, with echoing guitar hooks and pounding percussion. The track then climaxes with Gillanders bellowing the song title lyrics on repeat – resulting in an all-round classic acoustic-rock anthem. Energetic, emotional and fuelled by crippling existential dread, ‘Eye of a Hurricane’ is a fantastic new offering from Rory Gillanders and the first of many to come.

Listen to Rory Gillanders – ‘Eye of aHurricane Done’


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