Quote Club: Mia Grace speaks to the cosmos to inspire her latest single ‘Wait’

Mia Grace blends bold rhythms with beautiful melodies in her pop-meets-RnB catalogue of vivid, storytelling songs. ‘Wait’ is the young artist’s latest RnBop!

Mia Grace reflects on writing ‘Wait’: 

“I wrote Wait thinking about how I love the moon and the stars. I just wanted a song where I can use that concept. I wrote stuck from beginning to end. It’s kind of different for me. Normally I come up with the chorus and then do the verses and bridge. When I came up with the concept I thought a traditional love song would be corny since I wanted to talk about the moon and stars, so I made it a little eerie and somber.”

Grace’s inspiration not only stems from the cosmos but powerful artists such as Aaliyah, Rihanna and Minnie Ripperton. The singer-songwriter channels the soul of the sun, the moon and the great artists who have made waves before her. 

Wait’ carries a melodic vibe that exudes a tough, feminine energy. It’s clear from the very first listen that the track nods to a collection of genres: pop, RnB, soul and more creating this versatile, replayable and completely catchy tune perfect for listening alone, playing with friends or a chilled out journey in the sun.

The New York artist’s debut single, ‘Stuck’, made a huge impression on listeners racking up more than 100K streams. Her latest track contrasts the style of her debut and showcases the pure tenacity of her range with a slick, polished delivery. 

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