Lofi alt-jazz group AtticOmatic release double single ‘Jericho / Align Us’

Brighton-based five-piece AtticOmatic draw on a wealth of styles and elements to create a youthful sounds reminiscent of Little Dragon or Yves Tumor as we hear throughout their double single ‘Jericho / Align Us’.

In ‘Jericho’, the group weave ticking, metallic beats and laidback melodies into a dreamy jazz soundscape that gradually builds in momentum. Following the dizzying crescendo of the a-side, ‘Align Us’ is a little earthier with minimalist hip-hop breaks, soft vocal harmonies and looping brass instruments. Both tracks are texturally rich and hinting towards the band’s bottled up emotions from the past year.

“These two tracks are an amalgamation of our lives in lockdown. With the focus on division, separation and longing. We also leant into more of a bedroom produced feel. Because that’s the only way we could record it. But we think there’s no shame in changing sounds so we feel that these tracks are just as much our own than anything else we’ve written,” says AtticOmatic.

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