Canada’s Ormiston returns with synth-pop single ‘Step From The Limelight’

Back in February, we delighted in the funk-fuelled single ‘Rebel’ from Ormiston and now the Canadian artist is back with sophomore track ‘Step From The Limelight’. It’s flush with those familiar synth-disco, chillwave and indie-pop elements that we were introduced to in ‘Rebel’, although this new song is definitely moodier and more heavily layered.

Ormiston‘s high baritone voice sounds far away, as though distanced in a way from the listener, while those ’80s guitars and drums are close up. Perhaps this is to give the impression of Ormiston up on the metaphorical stage, just out of reach of the audience. This imagery is furthered by the noticeable lyric, “I could never step from the limelight”, which reminds us that we are continually pushed to play a role, whether required to be on a stage or not.

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