Get ready to shake a leg with Ormiston in his latest funk-fuelled single, ‘Rebel’

Multi-talented Canadian singer, songwriter and producer, Ormiston makes a welcomed entrance with the release of his debut single, ‘Rebel’.

Aptly named, the track cleverly ‘rebels’ against convention offering a wholly unique landscape woven with a rich tapestry of genres, instruments and musical styles. By stitching together uptempo elements of indie-pop, chillwave, yacht rock and electro-disco, Ormiston delivers the antithesis to a year of bad news with this much-needed slice of audible joy.

Written about an emotional relationship rollercoaster, ‘Rebel’ takes you on a ride through the high’s and low’s of lust, love and unbridled passion.Comprised of a complex blend of sounds, ‘Rebel’ has a little something for everybody; whether you’re a fan of funk-fuelled basslines, poptastic songwriting or disco diva at heart, Ormiston’s has got you covered.

“Rebel is a song about a turbulent relationship between two lovers. A passionate relationship bringing the best and sometimes the worst out of both individuals. With this first single, Ormiston explores the sound of coastal beach tones mixed with indie pop.”


Listen to Ormiston – Rebel


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