Tik-tok’s rising pop star Anna Thompson releases ‘Dreams About Him’ ahead of her debut EP

Tik-Tok’s rising teen pop sensation Anna Thompson releases ‘Dreams About Him’ ahead of her long awaited debut EP, Centerpiece. The powerful pop-driven 7-track EP is a collection of songs charting Anna’s journey as a rising artist and showcase her knack for blending confessional & personal lyrics with punchy-pop melodies.

As the lead and opening single to the project, ‘Dreams About Him’ encompasses the message, emotion and meaning behind the entire EP which marks a pivotal moment in Anna’s life both as a young girl and an upcoming musician. Interested in music from a young age, Anna’s talents were quickly recognised by a record label following her entry into a talent contest which she won before shortly being dropped due to the time and expense it takes to break an unknown artist.

Determined to prove herself, Anna began posting her work online, soon gaining a significant following on Tik-Tok for a clip of her singing her original single, Get Me High’, which features on her Centerpiece EP. Due to popular demand, a studio version was recorded and released in December of 2020.   Since then, the Seattle native has released two follow-up singles and had a few more songs go viral on Tik-Tok. 

With an undeniable talent for songwriting, a knack for a catchy pop vocal and a good grasp of social media, Anna has all the necessary skills to be a mainstream pop act and ‘Dreams About Him’ has all the proof in the pudding. Produced by Alex Olsen and Wyatt Morrison, ‘Dreams About Him’ is a vibrant and upbeat electro-pop masterpiece that sits perfectly underneath Anna’s sprightly, affected pop vocals. As subtle, Rn’B influences creep into the instrumental, the smooth sound offsets the distorted vocal, grounding the track and elevating it with a level of maturity to match the contemplative lyricism.

Listen to Anna Thompson – Dreams About Him

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