Escape with Manoel Tosto’s beachside Brazilian folk album, Beira De Praia

Guitarist and songwriter Manoel Tosto was raised on a remote island on the east coast of Brazil, surrounded by jungle, plants and animals, and it’s through the honest medium of nature Tosto finds his inspiration. If you go check out the visual album for his new album, Beira De Praia, then you’ll find soothing images of golden beaches and luscious jungle landscapes. As you’ll also hear, his music style is derived from a variety of genres, such as classical, blues and reggae, all presented to the listener through the warm and sympathetic tone that Tosto masterfully portrays.

“Beira de Praia was created on the island I’m living on near Salvador in Brazil,” Manoel Tosto explains. “The project is inspired by the simple sounds of nature. Like hearing birdsong in the morning, fishermen walking into the ocean or waves crashing on the shore. It’s an example of a day without haste or agony, of simple joy and total peace. It’ll transport you onto the island with me and help you feel the ease and calmness I was experiencing when I recorded it.”

As a multi-instrumentalist, everything you hear from Tosto is entirely hand-crafted, played, recorded and produced himself. His intention is to help people find a deeper connection with nature and the global world, whatever you might be doing at the time of listening to this utterly captivating record.

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