Franki reveals glistening pop single ‘Redo’


Dublin based pop-powerhouse and singer songwriter Franki has returned to the airwaves and with him he brings the glistening pop single ‘Redo’. Making a habit out of creating popping top lines and catchy melodies, ‘Redo’ blends the best of both worlds with groovy guitar and chillwave pads effervescently flowing throughout. Loaded with that glorious noughties nostalgia vibe ‘Redo’ is a feel-good tune at it’s finest.

Discussing the single, Franki explains:

“Redo was the first song I ever wrote for this project and came at a time when I was second-guessing myself a lot and questioning all of my decisions, wanting to go back and do them again. Especially when it came to relationships. I think people generally have an issue with absolving themselves of responsibility and I wanted to honestly reflect my own arrogance. I think doing that and being this honest with myself in my songwriting has been extremely valuable to me since then and that honesty in my songs is something I hold quite close”


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