LAUNCHPAD: Get to know Atlanta’s latest pop sensation Ci Majr & her epic debut EP, Side Effects

Non-binary rising star and purveyor of “sparkly little pop gems” Ci Majr is back with her epic and highly addictive debut EP. 

The Atlanta-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist has been on a roll this year, steadily releasing a number of well-received singles including the anthemic, ‘Summer Drug’ and the scintillating indie-pop number ‘Guillotine’, the video for which currently sits at over 33,000 views. Back with the third instalment of the year, Ci Majr returns to further unpack the good, the bad and the ugly of romantic love in her dazzling and highly anticipated EP, Side Effects.

Sticking to her well-loved approach of narrative and widely relatable songwriting, Ci Majr presents fans and listeners with a bittersweet project which ebbs and flows from track to track, immersing the listener in dramatic storylines, endearing characters and lovestruck misadventures. In Ci Majr’s characteristically warm and charming nature, Side Effects sees the newly engaged musician explore the thrilling highs and bitter lows of romantic love over shimmering pop beats and playful piano chords, delicately narrating the life cycle of a passionate but short-lived relationship, from its conception into its afterlife, each track with its own unique story and point of view.

Speaking on the making of her debut EP, Ci Majr explains:

“We’ve all heard the phrase that “love is a drug” and I personally feel that phrase is just so accurate because no matter how much it damages us, we’ll eventually try to make our way back to it. Not only is it addictive, but there are so many other side effects of romantic love: the good, the bad, the ugly. 

‘That’s what this EP is about. Navigating everything that comes along with giving your heart to someone. ‘After Midnight’ is about getting over a breakup and thinking you’re over it until you’re drunk, ‘Summer Drug’ is about having your heartbroken and not wanting to let someone in again, ‘Softer’ is when you lose yourself in an argument and you feel like you’re becoming a person you don’t recognize, ‘Ultraviolet’ is about those wonderful early days of falling for someone and just hoping that it becomes something, and we close it out with ‘Guillotine’ which is about being in what could potentially be the final days of a relationship if your partner doesn’t get their act together. So many people write about romantic love because it’s so multi-dimensional. There’s so much that can happen and so much to be learned and felt when you let people into the rawest parts of you. So ‘Side Effects’ is about what would be written on that little section on the pill bottle that warns you of everything that could happen as a result of taking it, and the truth is even if there was a pill bottle with these warnings I’m sure we’d honestly just ignore it.  Love just makes us so irrational and it’s crazy because more often than not, we don’t end up with that lifelong love, we end up left with only the Side Effects…”

Stream Ci Majr – Side Effects EP here


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