Discover indie-pop goodness in Radio Laika’s ‘Nights Off’

UK alt-pop band Radio Laika describe themselves as an “orange and blue alt-pop trio. Ironically artsy, seriously unhappy.” While we hope they’re not seriously, seriously unhappy, we do think they’re space for exploring those more melancholy emotions through the lens of guitar-led alternative bops, as you’ll find in their new single ‘Nights Off’.

The lead singer’s open and light vocals remind us of Dizzy’s Katie Munshaw, while the buoyant instrumentation has everything there is to enjoy about UK indie-pop right now with a dash of Men I Trust. What we’re saying is that Radio Laika is doing all the right things on ‘Nights Off’.

As for the meaning behind the song full of romantic tension, the band tell us:

“This song is for the lonely people at the party. Written in a time when it was safe to enter a house party but still just as scary for those who didn’t know how to fit in. A song designed to be easy to dance to no matter how good or bad you may be.”

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