John Murry delivers rebellious single ‘I Refuse To Believe (You Could Love Me)’

We have yet another reveal from John Murry‘s upcoming album and it’s probably our favorite one yet. While previous singles ‘Oscar Wilde’ and ‘Ones + Zeros’ presented a more introverted sound with melancholy melodies and winding narratives, there’s an immediacy to ‘I Refuse To Believe (You Could Love Me)’ that perked our ears up right away.

Explaining the meaning behind this excellent guitar-led number, Murry tells us:

“This song is my take on what Ric Ocasek (RIP) from The Cars mighta written if he had been into those dark “UK Surf” era Pixies mixes and found himself a bit trapped in Kilkenny, Ireland, for some years and – while there – grew a bit more alienated, broke, maligned, and bored by the day, then week, then month, then years. Ric would’ve probably written something much catchier, but y’all catch my drift, yeah?”

The quote goes someway to convey the burning sense of frustration and rebellion that we hear in ‘I Refuse’, a song that bristles surfy percussion and excessively fuzzy guitars. The biggest lift in the song comes around the 1:50 mark where Murry’s punkish spirit rallies against the Irish town where he has resided for many years. Towards the end of the song, it all fades back into that beach-rock era guitar melody while the songwriter repeats his refusal.

With just over a month to go until the release of The Stars Are God’s Bullet Holes album, you might want to have a gander at the pre-order link here.

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