Watch Will Wallace & Laurel Smith in the thrilling new music video for ‘Girls Money Cars’

Back with another hit for the new year, Preston’s electronic music master Will Wallace debuts his sophomore single, ‘Girls Money Cars’ featuring vocals from Laurel Smith.

A subtly sinister and somewhat sultry offering, ‘Girls Money Cars’ follows on from Wallace’s incredible debut,Greenlightand differs massively from the pedal to the metal, racetrack ready banger he first introduced himself to the world with. Incredibly talented and versatile, this new track sees Wallace show off his production and DJ chops over a hypnotic, trap-infused beat tinged with dark-pop influences, courtesy of Laurel Smith.

Despite the seemingly unusual pairing of Wallace and Smith, the collaboration works in their favour, showing off the best bits of each of them; from Laurel’s dead-pan and dreary dark-pop delivery to Wallace’s electrifying beat drops and intricate production.

The creative approach in the video is also worthy of note, immediately hooking viewers with the nostalgic visuals of Y2K house parties, fashion and camcorder style shots. Vibrant, joyful and bubbly, the visuals for ‘Girls Money Cars’ are ironically placed over Laurel’s intimidating vocals, only for the track to take an immaculate left-turn into a climaxing bassline from Will.

Listen to Will Wallace x Laurel Smith – ‘Girls Money Cars’


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