Listen to Gravity Circus’s surefire indie-rock anthem ‘Shaky Little Dice Roll’

In the summer of 2016, Japanese-Brazilian frontman and multi-instrumentalist Jimmy “Onibi” Nagaura Yabiko and German-Dutch drummer Ken “Toro” Luske formed Gravity Circus united by a love of good indie music and roof-tipping tunes.

Now the duo has released ‘Shaky Little Dice Roll’. It’s a super fun song that derives it’s energy from jumping indie-rock rhythms that we could imagine catching light at a small indie venue right on up to a main festival stage. Gleeful teens (and teens at heart) bouncing around to the big chorus while shouting “woahhh shaky little dice roll” is exactly what we’re envisioning.

“Shaky Little Dice Roll is a track that was created from the main riff idea that Jimmy thought up on the acoustic guitar, which led into an avalanche of other ideas, including lyrics, song structure and the millennial whooping chorus. It felt like such an amazing track to play live, that we mustered our courage to fly up to London and work with Bryan Wilson in the Livingston Studios (where a couple of our heroes have recorded their tracks as well, like Twenty One Pilots and Ben Howard). That felt like a dream come true!”

Keep Gravity Circus on your radar for more summer-worthy tunes!

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