Pascal Letoublon reveals new single ‘Feelings Undercover’


Pascal Letoublon unveils new track ‘Feelings Undercover’, featuring mesmerising Rhythm and Blues vocals, it includes a versatile pop instrumentation and is tempered with modern electronic beats. 

The guitar keeps pace with slick chord progressions, instantly making the listener think Indie Pop, but there’s so much more going on here. The vocals, sung lovingly, parallel the drums with long drawn out notes starting the melody and increasing in pace as the track moves forward. It’s smooth and sultry in places but with lyrics like “I can’t keep these feelings undercover” there is an innocent quality often lacking in today’s dance-music. The confessional and poetic quality of the lyrics are a big sell, and it doesn’t hurt that it’s super catchy either.

Letoublon offers an insight into the making of ‘Feelings Undercover,’ describing: “When I created this new song, it was really important for me to find the sweet spot between melancholic and happy melodies, a recipe that was in ‘Friendships’ and one which gives the listener the freedom to interpret the songs.”


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