Stefy De Cicco reveals new take on a classic with ‘Feels Like Home’


A thumping dance rhythm and pulsating bass encompasses Universal Germany-artist: Stefy De Cicco’s new single ‘Feels Like Home’, replete with pitched down vocals and beautiful lead synths.

In every way a dance music banger, ‘Feels Like Home’ is expertly produced and at the same time, so very human. Aptly named as it features a super nostalgic chord progression (think ‘Those Magic Changes’) its energetically matched with modern soundscapes.  This upbeat song has everything the audience needs to keep them moving for all 2 1/2 minutes, a take on DJ RED5’s classic ‘I Love You Stop,’ Stefy brings new life to this epic tune.

 DJ RED5 shares: “I LOVE YOU STOP” was one of my biggest hits and so in general I’m always picky with remixes or brand new versions , but the mix of Slap House and the original melody of the drop is perfect. The top line that has been added is so beautiful that it brings a brand new life to my dance classic.”

Stefy goes on to add: “It is one of my favourite dance tracks ever and it’s such an honour for me to make a brand new version. Working with Thomas on one of his biggest hits was absolutely great.”


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