Don’t miss repeat-worthy tune ‘The Chase’ from indie-rock band Pylons

Now this is what we mean by a tune! From the off ‘The Chase’ doesn’t mess around, there’s no easy, lackadaisical introduction, it’s immediately a well-constructed indie romper. And of course you’re asking, who are the architects behind such a wondrous song? Well, that would be Lincolnshire-formed, London-based band Pylons.

‘The Chase’ is unabashed indie-rock with psychedelic tendencies, which lends itself to the existential theme at the heart of this track. Here singer Crosby Stewart explains:

“I think the only way to keep up with the game of life is to stop keeping up entirely. We made The Chase to spite the new world mediums and to remind everyone that you’ve got to be okay with just existing. The world has started to feel overly romanticised and skin deep to the point of being cosmetic, but living is a creative expression that this single pays homage to.”

What we especially love about this song is the crisp quality which allows you to tune into and appreciate each band member’s contribution; there’s an inherent respect for each other that we’re hearing. Pylons is a band to have on your radar. No doubt about it.

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