Scott Helman delivers joyous summer anthem ‘Old Friends’

At the start of new single ‘Old Friends’, we join songwriter Scott Helman on a Friday night where he’s alone, aside from his nostalgic thoughts which are logged in the recesses of his mind like bullets.

A year and a half into the pandemic and this song couldn’t be more apt; we’ve all spent many weekend isolated and reminiscing about the old days, trying desperately to connect with friends over Zoom calls, shared memes, cards in the post and any other number of distanced interactions. While some people are now able to reunite, that’s not the case for all us, and perhaps we’ve even lost a few friends along the way.

For Scott Helman, it was a purposeful choice to say sayonara to certain acquaintances who lived fast and made decisions that weren’t always the healthiest choice. He expresses a loss and fondness for old memories through the downtempo, emotional verses and the bombastically energetic chorus. It’s the perfect summer anthem for the world we find ourselves in right now.

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