Canadian rock trio Bad Pop unveil their grungy, pandemic-inspired EP, Dark Metal

Following a year and a half of national lockdowns, pandemic panic and covid chaos, Canadian rock trio Bad Pop unveil their grungy, pandemic inspired EP, Dark Metal which they’ve coined as a musical middle finger to growing up and all the down-sides that come with it.

Released via UK label Killing Moon Records, Dark Metal could be seen as the band’s response to humankind and the lockdown they and the rest of the world have had to face. Dark Metal serves as the pissed off, aggressive reaction to capitalism, growing up, human over-population and lockdown, all whilst showcasing their incredible wit, hearty sarcasm and all-round humour as a group.

Six tracks long, the EP features previously released crowd favourites, ‘Destructo‘, ‘You’ll Be Alive‘ and ‘Grey Area‘ as well as three brand new head-banging bops, namely; ‘Mouth Love‘, ‘Burn EMI’ and the lead single, ‘Heartache on the Reddit Boards‘ which perfectly captures Bad Pop’s cynicism and general disenchantment with the outside world.

Over a steady 80s rock-style beat and reverberating electric guitars, Bad Pop vocalist & bassist Chris Connelly’s low, husky vocals narrates the story of the track’s main protagonist and their struggle to achieve their goals. Written originally as an acoustic tune, ‘Heartache on the Reddit Boards’ was eventually layered with fuzzed out, distorted guitars and completed with a unique, saw solo!

Speaking on the songwriting process behind the focus track bandmate Chris Connelly shares:

“I often try to write through the perspective of different characters and “Heartache On The Reddit Boards” is about a young, entitled artist who feels like they’re special and deserving of success. Is desperate for it. They’ll dabble in cringe worthy earnestness, jaded cynicism, it doesn’t matter, whatever gets the most likes.  It’s about this vapid, perception based, internet culture and the art that comes from that. A shameless self promoters, in the golden age of self promotion.”

A solid body of work from Bad Pop, Dark Metal is a much-welcomed addition to the trio’s growing discography and the first of two EP’s set to be released by the group. The follow-up project will present fans with an alternative perspective to the pandemic, offering an existential outlook to the madness of it all.

Listen to Bad Pop – Dark Metal


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