‘White Walls’ is the latest alt-rock triumph from Sheffield’s Perfectparachutepicture

With a name that evokes mid-00s nostalgia, Perfectparachutepicture, is a band that you’re not going to forget in a hurry. Made up of Sheffield pals Kyle Ernest, on drums and vocals, and Edward James, on bass. Their latest triumph is ‘White Walls’, an impossibly catchy listen that brings all of the alt-rock ferocity that we need right now.

While it might be a bit of the nose for us to say, the imagery of staring at the same white walls is definitely taking us back to the heights of covid lockdown, although as Perfectparachutepicture explain, the theme of ‘White Walls’ can be applied much more broadly.

“’White Walls’ is a song that figuratively represents all the mundanities in life that hold you down or drag you back. We all get stuck in a rut from time to time but it’s so easy to get comfortable. Comfortable in not doing that much, and ending up thinking that you’re happy with that. The song is a reminder that we all need to look at the walls that surround us and take stock on what we might change if we had the chance to do so. While we haven’t written about the previous year’s events per se, it’s hard to avoid the song’s literal meaning when we’ve all been locked away within the same four walls. ‘White Walls’ is the track that you need to help you get back out there and face the world!

Offering soaring vocals alongside storming percussion and driving guitars, Perfectparachutepicture creates a dark and intense sound which oscillates between a catchy hook and gritty verses.

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