‘Man In The Suit’ is full of raw, gritty energy from indie-rockers The Cavs

Hailing from musical mecca Manchester, made famous for its revolutionary music scene in the 1990s, The Cavs have some seriously big shoes to fill. Their brand new single ‘Man In The Suit’ certainly shows that they have all the commitment to making their mark on the indie-rock scene.

This jaunty indie recording kicks off with a guitar melody reminiscent of the opening credits for Channel 4’s hit TV show Misfits, which is rather fitting considering the band’s anti-establishment message at the core of this tune.

“‘Man in The Suit’, put simply, is about if those who lived at the top lived life at the bottom, even just for a day, the world would be a better place. The song was written in 2019 and recording started in early 2020. Due to the pandemic, recording took the best part of a year to finish. Whilst this was the case we found that the meaning of this song grew far more prominent as the year unfolded. It means alot to us as a band and we hope the message resonates to musicians, artists, creatives and people alike.”

It’s definitely been a tough year for everyone in the creative industries, so what we need is more stuff like this, a reminder that musicians, artists, performers and son on won’t be kept down by the decision makers who are too busy having affairs (looking at you Matt Hancock) and soothing their own egos to give a serious thought to those of us just trying to make it through.

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