Alt-R&B songstress Ronavella shares smouldering new single ‘Gemini SZN’


London-based singer, songwriter and alt-R&B songstress Ronavella shares the dark-pop infused new single ‘Gemini SZN’. Championing all there is to love about the air sign, this single is a seductive, sensual celebration of the intricacies partnered with the Twin zodiac.

Thumping, bass heavy trap beats lay the foundations for this simmering, smouldering number creating an atmosphere thick with mysticism from the very beginning. Showcasing Ronavellas fierce, soft and sultry vocals, she partners this release with an exciting, dynamic and dizzying visual.

Setting the tone instantaneously, Ronavellas vocal is the star of the show, finding the space between the expertly selected synths, she commands centre stage with ‘Gemini SZN’.

“Gemini SZN is a look into a Gemini’s mind,” she explains. “Touching on mental health, relationships of all types, anxiety and the traits associated with being a Gemini or anyone who struggles with high intensity emotions. How you interpret it is entirely down to the listener and their perception.”


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