British songwriter Olive Feathersone strikes a deep chord with ‘I’ll Be Sweet’

Following on from her sumptuous debut single ‘Opium Requiem’, British songwriter Olive Featherstone (aka Olivia Jasmine Noonan) has returned with her sophomore offering ‘I’ll Be Sweet’. Running in the same lane as past favourite Seraphine Simone, this artist plays with the listeners perceptions of her typically feminine and saccharine vocals. She undermines any stereotypes towards women with her innate storytelling, moody guitars and melancholic textures.

As we have learnt, ‘I’ll Be Sweet’ is part of Featherstone‘s forthcoming album, which is steeped in themes of drug abuse and depression from the perspective of studio novice. This one has certainly wet our tastebuds, so we can’t wait for the I Was Wondering, Lost LP, due this Autumn.

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