Endearing, heartfelt & honest – ‘I Can Feel It, Too’ – Ena Fay


Emerging Irish-German, singer-songwriter, Ena Fay returns to reveal her latest heartwarming musical project, the I Can Feel It, Too EP, which features the brand new focus track, ‘How Can I’. Lyrically impassioned and sonically inviting, I Can Feel It, Too perfectly captures Ena Fay’s iconic vocals, theatrical nature and love for classical instrumentation.

Since 2016, Ena Fay has been gracing fans with her remarkable voice and songwriting abilities, evolving year by year, I Can Feel It Too is a welcomed exhibition of all of Fay’s growth as an artist, performer and songwriter to date. 6 tracks long, this stunning project includes crowd favourites ‘August’ and ‘Tie My Hands,’ released in 2020, as well as the emotive,  love inducing ballad ‘Because I Care’, unveiled in March, plus 2 brand new singles and a poem-based interlude.

Ena explains: “The truth is, we all know how it feels to be confused, unfulfilled, or to keep wanting more. For myself as a person, I have found out that it is so much better to speak about how you feel rather than trying to figure it all out by yourself. Also the positive feelings, of course. This is what I am promoting with my new EP ‘I Can Feel It, Too’. As they say – sharing is caring. Not just for the other, but also for yourself. We find ourselves living more passionately.”

Endearing, heartfelt & honest,  I Can Feel It Too explores the vast breadth and depth of human emotion, as well as the thrilling highs and the bitter lows of romantic love, all through Ena Fay’s unique, enchanting and deeply relatable perspective. Filled to the brim with cinematic, classical instrumentation, angelic choral arrangements and dramatic, emotion-fuelled narratives, I Can Feel It Too is a true masterpiece that could only be improved by a live experience.


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