From forthcoming EP, Single Ruin shares gritty alt-pop single ‘Careful Now’

There’s no escaping from the bone-rattling sound of Single Ruin‘s gritty alt-pop single ‘Careful Now’. It’s an absolutely gripping listen that doesn’t merely build up a wall of tension, but holds you there while edgy vocals utter a series of bitter statement. Over thundering bass and futuristic beats, Single Ruin‘s repeated line, “No I don’t think you care”, is broken and shattered by a glitchy production that emphasises the musician’s deep sense of depersonalisation.

“I wanted the song to have a sonic edginess about it to convey a tension in the question the song is asking [,about whether] someone seemingly close to you if they care about you at all.”

‘Careful Now’ is the latest track from this Brighton-based songwriter and producer ahead of his Unique EP, arriving some time this month.

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