Isaac Stuart reveals cathartic new soul-pop number ‘Saved’

Oxfordshire based, rising star Isaac Stuart has returned with stunning new soul-pop number ‘Saved’. A heady, gorgeous blend of soaring, powerful and reverb drenched vocals which intimately detail the emotion fuelled lyricism. Climbing from strength to strength, ‘Saved’ runs on a familiar theme of starting soft and subtly then building and growing to a healing, cathartic release.

Discussing the single, Isaac explains:

Saved is a coming of age story about being young & in love. I tried to encapsulate the euphoric feeling I felt coming out of darker times and into a relationship. It touches on the push & pull of being with someone so magical you can’t quite believe they’re in front of you. It’s like my own 3 minute song version of one of those heartbreaking 80s films where I’m the main character and the end makes you cry, but you can’t quite work out if they’re happy or sad tears. 

An expert story teller, Isaac has an innate ability to capture moments and feelings within the realms of his songwriting, with a killer voice to back it up. Creating music that you really could listen to all day, everyday, ‘Saved’ is an excellent addition to Isaacs catalogue and already we can’t wait for the next to add to the collection.


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