Sean Hobbes shares liberating soul-rock single ‘I’m Not Sorry’

When we get wrapped up in situations of conflict or tension, it’s all too easy to revert to apologising as a mechanism of diffusion, and sometimes that “sorry” is warranted, but sometime it isn’t. What New Orleans-via-Philadelphia alt-rocker Sean Hobbes wants you to embrace here is the confidence to not always rely on sorry as an out, but to stand up for yourself and your own opinions when it’s necessary.

He explains that, ““I’m Not Sorry” is the triumph of being done with someone’s bullshit. I actually wrote the lyrics on a flight and I was just fuming by the time I finished because it’s kind of the message you wish you had been able to say to that person’s face.”

This triumphant sounding song is brought further to life by a back garden performance with Hobbes and a full band giving us some live show joy. Watch and listen to ‘I’m Not Sorry’ below.

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