Eclectic electro-pop artist AMAVA releases ‘Jungle’

Drawing inspiration from pop royalty like Charli XCX, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lorde, Nashville-based artist AMAVA hopes to win herself a crown with eclectic new number ‘Jungle’. Oscillating between her sugary vocals and dystopian beats, this song is a hard-hitting pop track that challenges the parameters of the genre.

AMAVA also wants to address how we deal with the theme of break-ups in singles, as she express here: “Jungle is about the empowering space between ending a relationship and falling into someone new. I didn’t want to write a ‘this person was terrible and I’m gonna be with someone better than you’ kind of song because not all relationships end horribly and need some sort of chaotic, upswing rebound. I didn’t want to write a break-up song, I wanted to write about feeling alright wanting someone new.

The line were this sentiment really hits home is “now that I don’t need you, I’ll go back to the jungle” evoking imagery of freedom and a vibrant wildness. The spiky and metallic production also represents AMAVA‘s emotional armour that she has rebuilt.

Check out this super empowering and innovative single below.

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